What is Cause Marketing and Why Should You Care

What is Cause Marketing and Why Should You Care?

Sometimes called “corporate social responsibility” in larger organizations, cause marketing is intentionally giving back and engaging with the communities where a business or its employees are based. Cause marketing is not only for the big corporations of the world. We argue that EVERY business, no matter the growth stage or how robust your bottom line, […]

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ArlStrat How Nonprofit Marketing Helps Fundraising

How Nonprofit Marketing Helps Fundraising

Nonprofits and the associated tax designation of such organizations are compelled to work towards a public good. Historically, this has often meant that nonprofits operate with lean margins, spending little on activities that are not directly correlated with delivering their mission. As they are held to standards on the percentage of expenses going to administrative […]

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Email Marketing Campaign Getting Started

Email Marketing: Getting Started

Email marketing is an important tactic to consider incorporating into your marketing strategy. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, that’s where this blog post comes in!    Key terms in email marketing: Audience: a group of contacts; you can have one or more audiences.  Campaign: an email (or series of emails) sent […]

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Bonus M Word episode: Arlington Strategy celebrates 10 years

Bonus Episode: Celebrating 10 Years

If you thought we were done with discussing brand… think again! In this bonus Season 2 episode, Heather Myklegard interviews co-host Jennifer Mulchandani about Arlington Strategy’s beginnings, development, rebrand, and future. Subscribe to The M Word wherever you listen to podcasts for more uncensored conversations. Connect with us on our socials on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, […]

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The M Word Season 2 Wrap-Up

Season 2 Wrap-Up

In the season 2 wrap-up, co-hosts Jennifer Mulchandani and Heather Myklegard go back through their discussions on all things brand. Tune in to hear them share highlights from each guest, what they learned, and their favorite moments captured both on and off the record. Subscribe to The M Word wherever you listen to podcasts for […]

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Whytni Kernodle Arlington Independent Media

Whytni Kernodle: Arlington Independent Media

Today we are talking with Whytni Kernodle, attorney, political strategist, co-founder and president of Black Parents of Arlington, co-founder and steering committee member of Arlington for Justice (where she also co-hosts a Facebook live show about racial and justice issues called Let’s Talk Tuesday), and now the CEO of Arlington Independent Media. Tune in to […]

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