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competitors' website

What are your top local competitors' website addresses?


What do you believe are the top keywords people use to find the type of products or services you provide? The words you choose may not be what your clients use.

target cities/towns/counties

What are your target cities/towns/counties. Two max will be used for SEO. Please include the city where your business is located (or home address if home-based business) as the first choice.

Please note: Extensive research is conducted to compare your business with other businesses in your target location, determine the best keywords, wordsmith the meta descriptions, add tags throughout the site, create an XML sitemap and hand-submit it to major search engines. Please allow 15 business days for us to take the necessary steps to optimize your website.

  • We will use the competitors you provide as a starting point, but we often find additional competitors with a local presence that may be stronger competitors for the chosen keywords.
  • Your keyword ideas will be used as a starting point for our keyword research. Final keyword recommendations will be based on our research of your website content, top competitors, keyword popularity and competition.
  • On-page optimization of your website will focus on the location of your business even if your office is based out of your home. Google highly favors local ranking signals for determining what websites appear at the top of search results. A second location, such as the county the business is located in or a larger city near the business, can also be incorporated into the initial on-page optimization process. Optimizing your website for more than one or two locations is best achieved by creating local pages optimized for that specific location and single keyword phrase.
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