Marketing Academy for Entrepreneurs

Marketing Academy for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, you do not have to go it alone!

Over 6 sessions, participants will receive expert instruction to create and implement a marketing program for their business.  Ideal for early-stage businesses, this program combines 1:1 mentoring with group workshops that cover strategy, messaging, market research, implementation and measurement.

Limited to four participants per cohort, our Academy is designed to foster deep and meaningful relationships among participants, and participants will engage in peer-to-peer support at every session.

The Marketing Academy is an intensive course that will require a commitment of time and energy. By the conclusion, participants will be able to target their customers, have strong messaging that reaches those customers and have a marketing plan in place to build their business.

In addition to the topics covered below, all participants will receive a 2-hour personal strategy session with Arlington Strategy CEO, Jennifer Mulchandani. During this consultation, participants will receive expert advice on their developing marketing strategy.

Course Schedule

Session 1 – Developing A Value Proposition

This introductory session will allow participants to get to know each other and their businesses. Participants will conduct an assessment of their own business and we will discuss how to articulate attributes of your business. Participants will leave this session with a clear understanding of how to conduct market research in order to develop their value proposition statement.

Session 2 – Strategic Messaging

During this session, participants will learn how to segment their target customers into audience cohorts and practice creating targeted messaging for each audience. Participants will explore creating a mission and vision statement for their business, and learn how to develop core values.

Session 3 – Marketing Strategy

Participants will set goals for their marketing program and create benchmarks to measure their goals. Various marketing strategies and tactics will be introduced. Participants will create an outline of a marketing strategy and assign budget and personnel resources to a marketing plan.

Session 4 – Marketing Implementation

Participants will share their final marketing strategy outlines, and then receive instruction on best practices to implement their specific plans. Topics will include collateral, social media, email marketing, blogging, SEO, digital/print advertising, events and networking. Participants will finalize a detailed marketing plan.

Session 5 – Brand Management

Participants will learn how to incorporate customer experience into an ongoing brand strategy plan, using surveys and other tactics; and learn how to maintain brand appearance through website and collateral upkeep, testimonials and reviews and personal connections. Participants will practice their elevator pitches.

Bonus Session: Checking in on success

This special session brings back program participants a month after the final session to have a group dialogue about challenges and successes in everyone’s marketing program. This facilitated session will allow peer-to-peer support to solve issues and provide new ideas.


The Marketing Academy requires an investment of $1,500, 12-hours in-person attendance, plus time between sessions to complete unfinished tasks.


Q Is the Academy only for new businesses?

A No, the Academy is designed for businesses who are already established, but have not yet developed a marketing program. If your business is further along in its journey, please email us to discuss if the Academy will be a great fit.

Q Do I have to attend all of the sessions?

A Yes. Our sessions are cumulative and the work you accomplish at each session will impact your ability to fully participate at the next. Of course, we understand that life happens and in case of emergency or illness, we can establish a virtual connection.

Q What if there is a competitor in my cohort?

A We get that privacy is important, and all participants will be expected to respect the confidential nature of information shared. We believe that competition is healthy and we advocate for collaboration among peer-businesses. On the off-chance that more than one person signs up for a cohort from the same industry, we will discuss with you to determine if you should switch to another cohort.

Q What do we get from our 1:1 session with Arlington Strategy’s CEO?

A While participants will receive ongoing personalized feedback during our sessions, the one on one consultation is provided to allow you to dive deeper into areas of concern or confusion. Furthermore, you can receive input on brand strategy or marketing opportunities that weren’t included in your plan thus far.

Q When is the next cohort? How often do you meet?

A The next cohort is slated to begin April 23rd from 1-3pm. Sessions will be held every other week at our Arlington office. Additional cohorts are being formed. Please inquiry with the form below and provide days that would work for your schedule. We can design a cohort that fits your schedule.

Schedule a call today to find out if the Academy is a good fit:

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