Taylor Swift The Tortured Poets Department Marketing Spoof

Marketing Strategies in the Era of Taylor Swift

Are you impressed by the way Taylor Swift rolled out her latest album? Even if you think a Swiftie is a new floor mop, it was hard to miss the build-up (*cough* marketing) to the release of The Tortured Poets Department. From Target to social media to surprise albums, this latest release solidified Taylor Swift […]

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Vaccine Rollout Marketing Insights

If you are like us at #TeamStrategy, you have been anxiously following the vaccine rollout across the country and have been wondering when will your loved ones be eligible. When will you be eligible? We’ve also been watching with an eye towards the marketing around the vaccine, and have a couple of key takeaways to […]

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What does the Curly W mean to you?

If you are not from around DC, you might view the curly W as the logo for Walgreens. However, if you live in the DC metro area, you will immediately recognize the Curly W as the symbol of the Washington Nationals, the National League Champion Washington Nationals that is (in case you have been living […]

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