The Tortured Poets Department album cover with a Marketing twist

Are you impressed by the way Taylor Swift rolled out her latest album? Even if you think a Swiftie is a new floor mop, it was hard to miss the build-up (*cough* marketing) to the release of The Tortured Poets Department. From Target to social media to surprise albums, this latest release solidified Taylor Swift as a songwriting AND marketing genius. This belief extends beyond our agency walls – Swift Marketing classes are popping up in business schools nationwide. Even people who don’t enjoy her music can’t argue that her marketing strategies work.

While Taylor’s vocal and songwriting talent is uniquely her own, other brands can learn from her and use her marketing strategies in their own business. Whether you are in Arlington, Falls Church, or Alexandria, these Taylor Swift marketing strategies will have everyone talking about YOUR business.

Five Ways To Be Like Taylor Swift

1. Authentic and Emotional Storytelling

WDTD (What Does Tay Do)

Taylor Swift shares her emotions with her fans through the masterful storytelling in her songs. Her legions of devoted fans identify with her songs and feel they are the soundtrack for their lives. Her brand has personality, and her fans feel an emotional connection.

WYCD (What You Can Do)

Who is your target audience, and what are their pain points? Does your brand connect with your audience? Tell a real story that helps your audience attach your solution to their problem. Acknowledge the pain point. Tackle it straight on, tell them why their story aligns with your story, and be direct in your messaging about how you can be part of the story of solving their problem.  

2. The Element of Surprise


Taylor loves dropping surprise albums—like Evermore and Folklore and the 2 a.m. announcement for the Anthology for TTPD. Fans were shocked, generating even more buzz about the new album.


Work flash sales, pop-up events, and unexpected new product launches into your marketing plan to keep your customers engaged and excited. We all love a perfectly planned launch campaign – but give it a twist at the end next time. You can use social media to go live to broadcast these surprises, delighting your audience who may not even be able to participate.

3. Embrace Change


Taylor started her career as a bright-eyed young country artist in Nashville. Her songs have evolved and changed as she has grown up and experienced the ups and downs of life. Alongside her, fans journeyed through the joys and heartbreak of life. Growing and evolving her brand has kept her in touch with her core fan base.


Don’t be afraid to evolve your brand. As marketing professionals, our job is to be laser-focused on brand cohesiveness, but brands that don’t evolve over time can become dated and irrelevant – or worse, inauthentic to their origin and mission. Consider doing a brand assessment and evolving with your customers (and the economic environment). Embrace the change that comes along with a brand refresh.

The old brand can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Cause it’s DEAD!

4. Stand for Something


After years of being told to stay on the sidelines of politics, in 2018, Taylor took to social media to endorse a Democrat running for the Tennessee Senate. Her speaking about the election resulted in a significant jump in voter registration that term. Her team advised her that sharing her opinions could offend her fans and impact her bottom line. The Taylor Swift brand took a stand anyhow.


Consumers want to spend their money with companies that engage in philanthropic endeavors or support issues and organizations that are important to them. This doesn’t have to be political; poll your team and/or your audience to learn what causes and organizations are meaningful to them, and then build a partnership between your business and the cause your business cares about.   

5. Create Community


You have probably heard or seen the friendship bracelet trend, even if you are not a Swiftie. But did you know it was started by the fans? In the Midnight’s album, the song “You’re on Your Own, Kid” references making friendship bracelets. Released just before the announcement of the Eras tour, Swifties took the line to launch a movement to make and give friendship bracelets among Swifties, particularly in conjunction with the Eras tour stops.     


Create an exclusive space for your customers to connect – online, in-person, or through a robust loyalty program. These connections strengthen brand loyalty and deepen the business’s understanding of its core customers and space to solicit ideas and test new concepts in a friendly environment.

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