Kimberly Spencer Success Coach

Episode 51: Kimberly Spencer: Crown Yourself!

“Your greatest progress and growth is on the other side of whatever it is you’re avoiding.” Kimberly Spencer is an accomplished entrepreneur, high performance coach, and founder of Crown Yourself. Kimberly brings energy and authenticity to this episode of The M Word. She offers a thought-provoking exploration of success, authenticity, and the power of vulnerability.  […]

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Navare Carter Intuitive

Navare Carter: Intuitive

Today we are talking with Navare Carter, a passionate brand therapist, multi-award-winning designer, and founder of Intuitive. With over a decade of design experience and knowledge in brand strategizing, Navare has a proven track record of delivering extraordinary brand identities and websites for brands and companies alike, giving them a competitive advantage. Tune in to […]

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Episode 8: Stop Doing Everything

Dr. Alfred J. Amado is the president and CEO of Behavioral & Educational Solutions (BES). He is a psychologist by training and transformed his clinical practice into a successful behavioral health consulting organization that specializes in behavioral health and medical staffing, and the provision of education support and clinical care. He has numerous national publications, […]

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Episode 7: Finding Your Secret Sauce

Gresham “Gresh” W. Harkless Jr. is the founder of CBNation and Blue 16 Media. CBNation is a Business to Business (B2B) Brand focusing on increasing the business success rate by providing visibility and resources for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Blue 16 Media is a digital marketing agency providing digital marketing services including web design […]

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Episode 5: Pivoting in a COVID World

Marcia Sheehan runs HerHideaways and Connections Consulting LLC. A serial entrepreneur since 2013, Marcia is focused on getting entrepreneurial women to self-prioritize so they are fulfilled enough as a person to put their passion-based work into the world, Marcia offers unique services that support entrepreneurs through their journey. Marcia’s business model was upended during COVID, […]

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