Marketing During Phase 1

March 2020 represented one of the quickest and most drastic shifts in online behavior we’ve ever seen, and threw everyone into uncharted waters. How can you ensure that you are making changes that will set your business up for long-term success and not just temporary fixes? One day we will shift from the Reopening Phase […]

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Are you Zooming in Style?

Board rooms and offices are a thing of the past. We are now interacting with each other via Zoom, Microsoft Rooms, Facebook, and more. But are you showing up in these meeting rooms with your game face on? Here are six fast and easy ways to make sure you show up as your best self […]

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What does the Curly W mean to you?

If you are not from around DC, you might view the curly W as the logo for Walgreens. However, if you live in the DC metro area, you will immediately recognize the Curly W as the symbol of the Washington Nationals, the National League Champion Washington Nationals that is (in case you have been living […]

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Good customer service quote

Customer Service As Marketing

Customer experience should be your lead marketing strategy Customer experience is a combination of how a customer interacts with your business (purchasing, communications), what they see, feel, hear while interacting, and overall how satisfying they find the product or service you are selling. Is it easy and fun to shop in your store? Are there […]

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Too many hats

Don’t Have An Invisible Mission

Your mission is clear to YOU, but is it clear to the WORLD? In Millie’s Marvelous Hat (Satoshi Kitamura), the main character Millie is a young girl who imagines herself in many different hats throughout the story. A colorful peacock hat? Beautiful! A fountain hat at the park? Devine. Millie walks her way through this […]

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water bottle, coffee and soda

Arlington Strategy vs. Mad Men

Some of our clients refer to us as their agency, others call us their firm, and some clients call us their consultants. The clients who call us their agency must be fans of Mad Men. This always makes us smile. Like all people “in the business,” we are huge fans of the show, too. In […]

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engage inspire achieve

Tips for Rebranding

Turning the mirror… internal rebranding (or walking the talk!) We help our clients refine and define their brand all the time but, when we decided to update Arlington Strategy’s website and associated collateral, we realized how daunting the exercise can be for the people going through it! We started the process in September. It had […]

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