How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency in Arlington, VAThinking of hiring a digital marketing agency in Arlington, VA? Or just want to know what an agency can do for your business? Let’s talk.

Digital marketing is more than just posting on social media. From content and search engine optimization (SEO) to email and display advertising, effective digital marketing is complex, time-consuming, and expensive, prompting businesses to partner with an agency. An agency brings a unique set of skills to the table and can look at a project or problem differently than perhaps someone internally.

Understanding the Various Types of Marketing Agencies

Before choosing a digital marketing agency, it is important to understand the different types of agencies available and what they do.

Specialized Marketing Agency — this agency will specialize in specific industries or deliverables such as healthcare or specific advertising like bus ads.

Public Relations Agency — this agency is going to be highly skilled in public relations, such as securing television and radio interviews.

Advertising Agency — this agency specializes in advertising, whether in print, digital, television, or radio.

Full-Service Marketing Agency — a full-service marketing agency will offer services from SEO and website design to communications and public relations.

Assess Your Business Needs & Goals

What are your business goals? In what areas are you struggling? Before you bring in an outside digital marketing agency, you need to identify exactly what role they’ll be playing in your organization and how they’ll help you achieve your goals.

Get your internal team together and make a list of what internal assets you already have accounted for. Perhaps you have a lot of creative thinkers but lack implementation or strategy? You may have someone great at graphics but you are missing a person to write compelling copy. Think about your missing links and where you could use the most help. Once you have established where you need the most assistance, that is when you can start to interview agencies and find your missing links.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency That Fits Your Style

Do you need a big agency or a small one? There are benefits to both. A smaller agency might be quicker to respond and charge less money. You may also have more of a direct line to leadership and decision-makers. A larger agency is going to have several team members and might charge a bit more but could also have a lot more experience in larger, nationwide campaigns. When interviewing agencies, ask for proof points, references of past clients, and meet their team. Personality and fit go a long way when looking for an agency to represent your brand.

Arlington Strategy: A Digital Marketing Agency in Arlington, VA Making a Difference

Meet, Arlington Strategy. We are not your average digital marketing agency. Our team of experts is comprised of dedicated and passionate individuals who strive to make a difference in our world. We embrace the missions of each client and become true brand ambassadors for our clients. We are a small but mighty agency that isn’t going to be the cheapest or the most expensive. Our true value lies in the holistic approach that we take with each and every client.

Ready to work with a digital marketing agency in Arlington, VA? Our team of digital strategists, SEO experts, advertising specialists, writers, designers, and developers can build you a customized digital marketing strategy to help improve your online presence and generate sales while continuing to define and improve your brand.

Contact us at today. We look forward to working with you.

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