Kurt Uhlir, Guest On Marketing Blog

Kurt Uhlir: Failure, Leadership, and Growth

“I take 30 seconds every day to contemplate, ‘what am I potentially wrong about today?’” Kurt Uhlir is a sought-after marketing leader who’s been called the “king of scaling”. He has built and run growth for early-stage companies as well as those over $500M in annual revenue and assembled teams across six continents.  Kurt shares […]

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Marketing podcast guest Kim Fredrich

Kim Fredrich: Pivoting in Pursuit of Personal Fulfillment

“So did I fail? Maybe. But, maybe not.” Kim and Jennifer embark on a heartfelt and vulnerable conversation about the highs and lows of running a small business on this episode of The M Word. They peel back the layers of entrepreneurship, revealing the raw emotions and challenges that often are hidden. Kim shares her […]

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Episode 46: Katie Stoller

“I’m just gonna do this myself. I’ve been doing this since the beginning of this industry’s existence.” Meet Katie Stoller, an influencer marketing pioneer with a diverse background in PR and corporate communications.  In 2023, she launched influencerinsiderguide.com, a resource hub for professionals navigating the complex world of influencer marketing. Jennifer and Katie discuss entrepreneurship, […]

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Episode 41: Barbie and Female Empowerment Part 2

In Part 2 of the special two-part Barbie movie discussion on The M Word Podcast, host Jennifer Mulchandani gathers a dynamic trio—Karen Bate, Cheryl Fischer, and Whytni Kernodle—for a dynamic and honest discussion on the Barbie movie. Set in the intimate backdrop of Jennifer’s home, the episode takes a unique turn, unraveling the layers of […]

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Episode 40: Barbie and Female Empowerment Part 1

In part one of a special two-part episode of the M Word Podcast, host Jennifer Mulchandani engages in a lively discussion about the Barbie movie with guests Karen Bate, Cheryl Fischer, and Whytni Kernodle. The conversation delves into various topics, including societal expectations, gender norms, personal experiences with self-image and relationships, and the wisdom that […]

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Barbie with Feminist Friends

The Barbie Movie and Barbie Movie analyis has dominated the Hollywood news cycle over the past year, becoming an unexpected cultural phenomenon. But, honestly, when I first heard there would be a Barbie movie, my immediate reaction was negative. My perception of Barbie related to body image issues, so I gave it no further thought. […]

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