Episode 32: First Impressions - Jennifer & Heather

Jennifer & Heather: First Impressions

In this podcast episode, hosts Jennifer Mulchandani and Heather Myklegard discuss the significance of making positive first impressions in marketing and business interactions. They share personal anecdotes of past mistakes and lessons learned, emphasizing the importance of avoiding errors that can harm relationships with clients. Jennifer and Heather discuss how first impressions set the tone […]

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Bonus M Word episode: Arlington Strategy celebrates 10 years

Bonus Episode: Celebrating 10 Years

If you thought we were done with discussing brand… think again! In this bonus Season 2 episode, Heather Myklegard interviews co-host Jennifer Mulchandani about Arlington Strategy’s beginnings, development, rebrand, and future. Subscribe to The M Word wherever you listen to podcasts for more uncensored conversations. Connect with us on our socials on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, […]

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The M Word Season 2 Wrap-Up

Season 2 Wrap-Up

In the season 2 wrap-up, co-hosts Jennifer Mulchandani and Heather Myklegard go back through their discussions on all things brand. Tune in to hear them share highlights from each guest, what they learned, and their favorite moments captured both on and off the record. Subscribe to The M Word wherever you listen to podcasts for […]

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Karen Bate KB Concepts PR

Karen Bate: KB Concepts PR

Today we are talking with Karen Bate, former journalist and Congressional press secretary, co-founder of the professional networking group Awesome Women, and founder of KB Concepts PR. Tune in to hear Karen talk about her current brand projects and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion statements. Thanks for listening; we hope you’ll come back! […]

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Gavin Hammar, founder of StoryPrompt and former CEO and founder of Sendible

Gavin Hammar: StoryPrompt

Today we are talking with Gavin Hammar, the founder of StoryPrompt, and former CEO and founder of Sendible, which was acquired in 2021. Gavin builds and grows self-funded Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses and knows the importance of investing in a brand at the start of the journey.  Tune in to hear Gavin talk […]

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Manny Cosme, President and CEO of CFO Services Group

Manny Cosme: CFO Services Group

Today we are talking with Manuel “Manny” Cosme, President and CEO of CFO Services Group. An entrepreneur with diverse accounting experience and a love for sharing knowledge, Manny founded CFO Services Group in 2012. He wanted to support new, small, and growing organizations with scalable accounting expertise and services beyond typical bookkeeping or tax firms.  […]

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Navare Carter Intuitive

Navare Carter: Intuitive

Today we are talking with Navare Carter, a passionate brand therapist, multi-award-winning designer, and founder of Intuitive. With over a decade of design experience and knowledge in brand strategizing, Navare has a proven track record of delivering extraordinary brand identities and websites for brands and companies alike, giving them a competitive advantage. Tune in to […]

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Evelyn Powers, Owner at Design Powers

Evelyn Powers: Design Powers

Today we are talking with Evelyn Powers, founder and CEO of Design Powers. She is a graduate of the 2016 Leadership Arlington program and winner of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Best Home-Based Business Award. Evelyn started her website and design company as a graphic designer in 1996 so she could work from home […]

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