In Part 2 of the special two-part Barbie movie discussion on The M Word Podcast, host Jennifer Mulchandani gathers a dynamic trio—Karen Bate, Cheryl Fischer, and Whytni Kernodle—for a dynamic and honest discussion on the Barbie movie. Set in the intimate backdrop of Jennifer’s home, the episode takes a unique turn, unraveling the layers of societal expectations, gender norms, self-image, and the wisdom that accompanies age.

This episode explores the impact of the Barbie movie on relationships and societal perceptions, delving into the criticism labeling it as “anti-men.” The guests share candid anecdotes, infusing the conversation with authenticity and shedding light on the discomfort experienced when traditional views are questioned.

The discussion goes beyond the Barbie movie, expanding into the world of female entrepreneurship. The trio shares empowering stories from women’s networking groups, adding a layer of resilience and strength to the narrative.

The episode concludes on a high note, dissecting the movie’s portrayal of female empowerment, its impact on men, and the ongoing struggle for equality. With laughter, introspection, and genuine camaraderie, this episode of The M Word Podcast leaves listeners eagerly anticipating future content.

Listen to Part 1 of the special Barbie podcast.

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