“I had four kids at home, I had a family, I had a life, I had things that I wanted to do, people I wanted to spend time with, and I needed to figure out a way to get out of my own way.”

Meet Chad Hackmann, a direct yet easygoing business owner and family man who came into our office w/ a dad joke coffee mug for this podcast recording. Chad is a regional Partner with Alair Homes and Partner at Alair Homes Arlington.   In this episode, we get to know his motivators (spoiler alert: family and making a difference in the community) and how he made the transition to join a Northern American franchise after running his own brand in residential home building for 15 years. 

While already a successful entrepreneur in the construction industry, in 2018 Chad was determined to take his business to the next level and he needed new ideas and strategies to strengthen and grow his business. That’s when he discovered Alair Homes and the solution he needed to grow his business. 

Chad shares his journey in the construction industry, including the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. He discusses the moment when he decided to merge his vision with that of Alair Homes, which changed his path as a business owner. 

Jennifer and Chad discuss the intricacies of entrepreneurship, covering topics such as branding and seeking assistance from others. Chad shares anecdotes that vividly illustrate the importance of collaboration and growth.

Throughout the conversation, Chad offers valuable insights into the balance between autonomy and support that comes with franchising. He speaks enthusiastically about the many benefits of being part of a larger organization, such as access to resources and a strong support system.  

Speaking on his commitment to giving back, Chad says “from a pure business perspective, some sort of giving component is good for business,” explaining how it allows companies to foster local relationships while helping those in need.  Chad has worked with numerous non-profits in the Northern Virginia area including, The Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation and Bridges to Independence. 

An inspiration for both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, this conversation showcases the transformative power of strategic partnerships and the endless possibilities they can bring. 

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