In the first episode of 2024, Jennifer takes you on a journey through the evolution of the podcast over the past three years. It all began with a focus on tactical marketing discussions, but gradually shifted towards deeper explorations of branding and the human experience behind it all. With each passing season, the conversations became more authentic, less scripted, and more akin to sitting down with a friend to learn life lessons.

Now, as the sole host, Jennifer aims to push the podcast further. Instead of just scratching the surface with marketing tactics and branding strategies, she wants to dive deep into the essence of brand and business – exploring what truly matters, where individuals come from, where they’re headed, and why it’s all important.

In this short episode, Jennifer shares a peak into her own journey from an idealistic youth to discovering the power of business as a force for positive change. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of using her platform for good, whether through pro bono work, mentoring, or simply inspiring others to make a difference.

When everything is marketing and marketing is everything, The M Word goes beyond catchy taglines to explore what’s underneath your brand and your business: where you came from, where you’re going, why you give a sh*t—and why someone else should, too. It’s about fuck-ups and falling down, brick walls and glass ceilings. It’s about panicking and pivoting and the pursuit of what’s personal. In short: It’s about what matters.

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