We have a diverse docket of clients and we treasure each of them. However, there is nothing like the drive and passion that new entrepreneurs bring to the table. With passion that we’d like to bottle and sell, start-up businesses bring an unparalleled energy and drive to the marketplace.

Meet our newest start-up entrepreneur, Carrie Dunn. A mom of four, Carrie and her husband struggled with exhaustion after their first daughter was born. Carrie and her husband found an excellent sleep coach who gave them the tools to get their daughter sleeping soundly within a week. Carrie was rested and inspired. Inspired to help other families train their own children. Several years (and kids!) later, and after completing a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach Certification program, Carrie launched her company, Sleep Actually.

carrie22-e1416063493381-150x150While Carrie’s training and education prepared her to as a sleep coach, she needed help launching her company. That’s where we stepped in and here’s what we did to help Carrie create a brand and establish her business.

Step 1: Market Analysis. We first met with Carrie; she had a lot of different ideas about what her business would actually look like. Carrie was completing her Gentle Sleep Coach certification but she also has a background in child development and psychology.

After market research and consultation, Carrie decided she would focus on gentle sleep training for children aged 6 months- 6 years.

Step 2: Brand Development Our creative team brainstormed many different word combinations, synonyms, punctuation changes and free domain names to come up with options for Carrie to pick from. After some back and forth and a bit more creative thinking, we decided on Sleep Actually, a modern and playful name that conjures up sleep and breathes personality into her company.

Step 3: Brand Identity Again, our creative team brainstormed and debated words and images that convey peaceful nights of sleep.  We loved the idea of a mobile with sheep, or maybe duck dangling off. We wanted whimsical and modern. We googled images we liked for more inspiration. Next, our brilliant designer Ashley drew several different options that illustrated our ideas. After a few minor changes and looking at a lot of different color combinations, we had a winner.

Check it out:


sleep-actually-logoStep 4: Website Design & Development She started her site but needed us to edit and polish it. We also needed images for the site. We pulled a variety of pictures (sleeping baby! rested mom!) from istock and shutterstock, presented them to Carrie and then through trial and error of switching photos in and out, picked the winning images. Ashley stepped in again, did some expert coding and stylizing and we had a lovely site ready for business.

Step 5: Launch and Grow, Rinse and Repeat This is the exciting step for new entrepreneurs! Sleep Actually officially launched in late October, and is now focused on growing the brand’s reach, converting leads to customers, and most importantly, helping tired families finally get the rest they desperately need.

Our new business clients are a little like our kids, even when they’ve left home, we never stop thinking about them, and we will be beside Carrie as Sleep Actually grows into a thriving sleep coaching business.

Watching our clients’ businesses thrive is beyond gratifying; it’s why we do what we do.