It’s 2021, and while not much has really changed since 2020, there are some marketing trends that brands should have on their radar and be ready to tackle as we continue to work remotely and creep back to a new normal. 

Virtual Events/Hybrid Events

Virtual events are most likely here to stay for 2021 and perhaps beyond. Virtual events are not all bad. We have found that virtual events can have a higher ROI than traditional events with less overhead and sometimes less staff and space. They also allow for many people to attend and a chance to reach new audiences. However, virtual events will have to continue to evolve and will need to have aspects of real-time events and perhaps even have live components. 

Online Shopping

Online shopping is going to be big this year again and not just for the big box brands. This will mean that automation, email marketing, social media, and digital visibility is going to be crucial in getting products and services in front of former, current, and new customers. In addition, smaller retailers need to continue to innovate and adopt platforms that support online shopping, in addition to the trend of offering “shop by phone” and “curbside pickup” that started in 2020.


We are all Zoomed out but it isn’t going anywhere and neither is video marketing. We are going to need to keep creating video content that educates, engages and entertains our audiences. Videos do not have to be super professional and polished but they do need to be thoughtful. Changing up backgrounds and locations and ways to deliver the message will be important as will consistency and time. Short and sweet will be best received. Invest in an inexpensive light and microphone to make your do-it-yourself videos all the better.  

Social Media

Humans are social creatures who are craving connection more than ever, so social media is going to be hotter than ever before. Businesses can leverage that demand by providing consistent and  relevant social content that encourages connection. This means you can’t just take to a platform and sell, you need to use your social media to engage in a conversation around the things that your audience cares about. Social media will also need to be decluttered and streamlined. Everyone will be competing for online space. It will be critical that brands know their audience and be very specific about where they spend time and how they deliver their message. 

Brand Transparency and Accountability

People are tired and weary and are therefore attracted to brands and businesses that they can trust and rely on. It will be critical in 2021 to show absolute brand transparency, educate customers on policies, procedures, and new protocols. Active social media updates, updates to websites, and up-to-date photos and videos will be key in showing customers that business is open, current, and safe. 

Paid Advertising

With the increase of virtual events, online shopping, social media, video, and email marketing, digital paid advertising will be most critical to cut through the noise and get to customers who will convert. Paid social media ads will allow for more people to see products and services and will also complement organic social media. Google search, Google display, and/or banner ads, done well, will prove to have high ROI in this extremely competitive digital landscape. 

Completely overwhelmed? We get that. Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call and let’s talk about your marketing strategy together. 



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