Annual Marketing Goals: Six-Month Check-In

We are officially halfway through the year. How are you doing with the marketing goals you outlined back in January?

Are you making progress and crushing it? Excellent, keep going! 

Are you falling behind and feeling discouraged? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. 

The good news is we still have six months left to accomplish our goals.

So, to get you across the finish line, let’s talk about how you should have created your goals in the first place or if you need to reevaluate your plans for the remainder of the year. 

Set SMART Marketing Goals

When drafting your goals, it is crucial to remember the SMART acronym: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Establishing SMART goals helps to set you up for success by identifying a clearly defined outcome. 

Do you want to boost your website traffic? 

Specific: Increase website traffic by consistently publishing four blogs per month and boosting on Facebook for a minimum of two weeks. 

Measurable: The goal is a 50% increase in traffic.

Attainable: Being consistent with publishing and sharing our content on multiple platforms, including email and social media, have previously been successful in increasing traffic.

Relevant: By increasing website traffic, we’ll boost brand awareness, generate more leads, and drive more sales. 

Time-Bound: End of this year.

SMART Goal: By the end of this year, our website will see a 50% lift in traffic by increasing our content and publishing four blog posts per month.

If your goals are too broad or too vague, they will take a lot longer to accomplish. Having a realistic and measurable goal with a clear deadline can make all the difference in whether or not you succeed. 

Reevaluate or Redefine Your Goals

Now that you know what a SMART goal is, you may have realized your original marketing goals weren’t realistic or attainable. 

You may also be struggling because your business priorities have changed, and your goals no longer align. If that’s the case, take this mid-year opportunity to reevaluate your objectives for the rest of the year. 

Perhaps instead of driving traffic to your website, your new goal is to refresh or redesign your website. 

Whatever your goals may be, just remember to make them SMART, set regular milestones to ensure you’re on track, and keep at it! 

If you are still struggling with your goal setting, call or email us, we would love to help! 

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