Some of our clients refer to us as their agency, others call us their firm, and some clients call us their consultants. The clients who call us their agency must be fans of Mad Men. This always makes us smile. Like all people “in the business,” we are huge fans of the show, too. In honor of the final episodes, here is a tongue-in-cheek look at how Arlington Strategy is not like Mad Men.

Our office space

IMG_1227We do not work in the 37th floor of Time & Life Building on Sixth Avenue with sweeping views of Manhattan. We are in the heart of Arlington County, on the first floor with a spectacular view of an hummingbird feeder.








Our office beverages

IMG_1221Although there may be times we feel like celebrating a victory with a mimosa, our office beverages do not come from the booze cart. But I do always have a latte from Arlington’s Buzz Bakery, Jess sips from a 32 oz water bottle garnished with lemon slices and Jennifer’s drink of choice is seltzer water. That is a far cry from the whiskey Don Draper and his associates are often seen sipping around the office.






Stress relief

IMG_1234Instead of smoking two packs a day of cigarettes, we practice yoga, meditation and laughing to relieve our stress.








Creative department

IMG_1236We don’t have a separate lounge for inspiring creativity but we do have a white board, and a shared network drive for collaboration, which we use to brainstorm everything from strategic messaging to newshooks to social media campaigns for our clients.





Our colleagues are mostly women

IMG_0609Unlike Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, our colleagues at Arlington Strategy are predominantly female, though we do have one male on our executive team. I guess he’s our Joan Harris, although he doesn’t get harassed like Joan.





There is one thing we do have in common with Mad Men, and it’s not just our orange logos, it’s our ability to help our clients amplify their message, influence their audience and grow their name recognition.

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