Have you ever started a friendship with someone via email? 

It usually starts off a little slow and dry. Tone and intent are often lost via email so people are generally cautious and choose their initial words carefully.  But as you write back and forth, you begin to engage in really great conversations. You open yourself up and really get to know them. You get a sense of their style, their tone, and their personality. The final step of relationship development is when you ultimately meet in real life (or via Zoom!) and find that everything you imagined about that person is either right or completely wrong. Putting a face to a name and hearing someone’s voice for the first time is enlightening. It puts life to their words and takes your friendship to new heights. It gives their voice a personality and makes their words ring true. 

In digital marketing, you want to immediately connect and engage with your audience. There is rarely time to develop a slow growth written relationship. While that can be appropriate for some platforms (email marketing and blogs comes to mind), digital marketing requires you to grab people quickly and keep their attention on you. Video marketing is an excellent tool for doing that. You can immediately connect with your audience when they are able to hear and see you. Relationships matter. Consumers buy from individuals and businesses that they know, like and trust. There is no better way to expedite that process than by video marketing. 

How do you get started with video marketing? 

Video marketing is easier than you think. You don’t need to spend money on expensive videographers. All you need is your smartphone, good lighting, a topic and a smile! Here are more reasons why video marketing is so important, especially now. 

1. Video Gives Your Brand a Voice

There is a lot of competition right now and so you need to stand out. There is not better way to do that than with video. Give your brand a voice that is memorable, entertaining, and strong. Think of a product or service that you want others to know about and go live or hit record on your smartphone. Talk for 2-3 minutes on the importance of this product. What makes it unique? Why should people buy it? How can people learn more? Keep it short, sweet and give a clear call to action at the end. 

Most of all have fun and be you! 

 2. Video Allows Your Audience to Get to Know You Better.

Some people may not know your brand or business at all. They may have found you on the internet or through social media. Video allows your audience to get to know your brand, your values, and what makes you stand out. By showing up on video, people can hear and see you. You enter their room when you are on video. They can get to know you. Doing consistent video is even better. You will start to create a rapport with your audience and they look forward to hearing from you. The best YouTubers post content regularly at the same time. Their audience knows when to expect a new video to drop and eagerly await the new release. 

3. Video Takes Your Audience Behind the Scenes 

Many times businesses just promote through their website or social media and it is very one dimensional. Look at this or buy this. There is no depth or creativity. Video allows you to get creative. To change the scenery and have some fun. When people are reading copy or just looking at visuals they can’t always interpret your tone or your excitement. Video allows your audience to come behind the scenes. Show your customers your stockroom, your coffee room, your marketing space. Think out loud and share your thought process and how your brain works. Heck, have a cup of coffee with them and tell them what you are up to today! (PS: You can do that often – people love to be invited into your world over a cup of coffee. We are all secretly voyeurs.)

4. Video Reaches More People Than Copy and Photos 

Posting photos and copy are great. It keeps it consistent and provides a great marketing base. But video marketing will reach more people and  more engagement then just copy or copy and a photo. You get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to video marketing. So change it up. For every two photos post a video or go live. Live video is going to have even greater reach than a video you upload. Just be natural and real. Video does not have to be highly produced with a script. Pull out your phone, look into the lens and say what comes to mind. It’s ok if it is not perfect. Not being perfect makes you real and approachable. And with all things, the more you do it the better you will become. 

5. Video Brings Your Products and Services to Life 

Photos can only show so much. Bring your products and services to life through video. Show someone how to wear the scarves that just arrived. Tell someone what it is like working with you and your team. Encourage viewers to try your newest soup! Let them see the lusciously melted cheese on your pizza. Whatever it is that you have, showing and telling people live and in color is a great way to do it. Invite people into your world and show them your products and services so they choose you over a competitor.

What are you waiting for?


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