Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2022Now that we’ve popped the champagne and sent our kids back to school from winter break, there is no better time to start diving into the top marketing trends for 2022! Check out our list of top 10 trends below:

1. Video Content

It should come as no surprise that short-form video content is here to stay! In the last half of 2021, Instagram rolled out updates to test longer video uploads to Stories (goodbye, awkward pauses!) and started testing a new ‘montage’ feature to help you turn your Stories into Reels, continuing its focus on becoming a video-sharing app. If you haven’t started sharing Reels and Stories, you will need to in 2022  (did you know that we offer a Ready, Set, Get Social package to help you get started?)

2. Hybrid events remain the “new normal.”

While we probably all wish for a reliable return to in-person events in 2021 — reality tells us we are once again in for a year of relative uncertainty. The days of planning an event and not considering the pandemic are long in the rear review mirror. It’s now become the weather variable of the past. Every event must have COVID-19 included in the list of items for consideration. Many organizations are finding that the simplest way to meet the needs of their attendees is a mix of events. From large-scale galas to local community Fun Runs — hybrid live and virtual events such as the upcoming Sip and Style Funraiser, are here to stay. 

3. Partnerships with Nonprofits

Your ideal customers are looking to support companies that give back to the community. Aligning yourself with a nonprofit that fits your company’s values is a win-win. Did you have a holiday giving campaign this year? Turn it into a year-long partnership! 

4. Podcasts

Commutes are making a comeback and so are podcasts (insert shameless plug for our podcast, The M Word).

Not ready to launch your own? Be a guest on one and flex your thought leadership muscles. 

If you’re a new marketer or a small business owner looking to increase your knowledge of marketing strategies and tactics, marketing podcasts can be a great tool. Be sure to check out our list of podcasts to start streaming in 2022.

5. SEO 

95% of users only view the first page of search results. Showing up on page one is imperative to having new customers discover your business. How can you increase your chances of being seen? Start (or continue) blogging! Long-form blogs and articles focused on thought leadership and educational content will not only help your SEO but also create great social media content! 

Adding content to your website without considering SEO? Stop dropping content into the abyss! Keeping SEO in mind when creating and posting content will help future customers discover you.

6. E-commerce on Social Media

In 2022, over half of the world’s population will be on social media with an average daily usage of nearly 2 ½ hours. Except for sleep and work, what else do we spend that much time on? 

It is no surprise that companies continue to leverage social media platforms for direct sales of products and services. The pandemic accelerated the pace of e-commerce on social media as people ramped up their social media usage and shopping from home. Your local boutique down the street can now easily set up a Facebook Shop and create links directly to their featured products in their posts. No more searching for an item — click directly on that handmade bag to make it yours! We expect to see more of this in 2022 as shopping and social media continue to go hand-in-hand.

7. Storytelling over hard-selling

The consumers of 2022 are savvy. They want to be entertained. The basic “Drink Coca-Cola” ads of the past are no longer going to hit the mark. Marketing needs to weave a compelling storyline of why the product or business is something you need to be associated with. While this sounds very high budget — it doesn’t have to be. Keep the narrative of your brand top of mind in your marketing and people will respond. Don’t drop all your direct sale ads, but keeping an even balance will be key to deepening the relationship with your customer.

8. Data Privacy and Protection

Marketers have been navigating increasing data privacy regulations since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018. With Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection feature, and Google’s latest plan to phase out support for third-party cookies beginning by mid-2023, we expect to see companies focusing on building stronger first-party data and consumers demanding more transparency about their data.  

9. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is still a very effective way to highlight your products and services in an authentic and organic way. Influencers such as bloggers, local celebrities, politicians, and even those with very large social media followers are a great way to introduce your brand and products to a new audience and to establish credibility and interest. You may have to pay one of these influencers to write about your brand or to create a video but the return on the investment could be huge. You may also be able to just give them your product in exchange for a testimonial or plug. 

10. Relationship Marketing 

Relationship marketing is about retaining your current customers and improving their customer satisfaction. Making sure that those who already buy your products or work with you are happy is so important. This keeps them coming back for more and also increases the likelihood that they will refer you to others. We often overlook those who are right in front of us but they are truly the lifeline to your business. Communicate with them often and show them love whenever possible. 

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