Our latest issue of the Arlington Strategy #newsletter is both reflective and celebratory.

Our team is lucky to work with a variety of clients who provide tremendous inspiration to us, professionally, creatively, personally. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, leaders who inspire confidence and hard work. Nonprofits are changing our community, changing minds, and inspiring understanding and empathy. We love working with all of these clients, and we are grateful for the inspiration they provide.

Speaking of empathy, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the Community Progress Network, a new coalition of local nonprofits, public agencies and local leaders who are promoting equity and inclusion for everyone in our community. With a focus on raising awareness and empathy for people living in poverty, CPN is a convener, facilitator and resource for data in our community. 

Working collaboratively with CPN, we’ve provided brand strategy, identity creation, and supported the development of a comprehensive data walk display. In addition, Arlington Strategy has worked with CPN to produce two public engagement and education forums, where the data walk was presented and local resident stories were shared.

Where do you seek inspiration? I have found tremendous personal growth through travel, and my recent trip to India was enlightening from a business and marketing sense too.

And lucky me, I get to work with a smart, creative and engaged team who challenge and inspire me on a daily basis, including a new team member 🙂 Are you working for or with people who inspire you? Share your stories with us by tagging us on your favorite social media, or drop us a note by email. 

Team Building at the Arlington Chamber of Commerce Volunteer Day – Four Mile Run Stream Clean Up

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