What is Cause Marketing and Why Should You CareSometimes called “corporate social responsibility” in larger organizations, cause marketing is intentionally giving back and engaging with the communities where a business or its employees are based.

Cause marketing is not only for the big corporations of the world. We argue that EVERY business, no matter the growth stage or how robust your bottom line, can and should engage in cause marketing.

Getting started with cause marketing is as simple as identifying what you and your team care about. It’s important to involve your workforce in this process because employees who know their employer is giving back are more satisfied.

Cause marketing is also impacted by how much of your budget you can devote to this endeavor. Some businesses might only be able to afford a small product or service donation for a nonprofit auction, but it still makes a difference.  As your bottom line allows, you may be able to give cash or ongoing pro-bono goods/services.

If money or donated goods are not an option for you yet, incorporate volunteer activities — these will both engage your staff in team building and benefit an organization. In addition, nonprofits can use all the help in spreading the word about their missions and activities. You can lend your social media marketing channels to raise awareness, funds, and engagement on behalf of an organization you partner with.

Want to do even more? Add board service to the mix — nonprofits need talented, committed business leaders to join their boards.

Why is Cause Marketing Important?

Business can be part of what makes the world a better place. Cause marketing creates a bond between a business and the community that it is selling to. It helps fill a need, and it builds goodwill. 

Consumers prefer to do business with companies that represent their values. Developing a cause marketing program shows your customer base that you are an integral part of the community. You now have content and purpose that goes beyond your products and services, and you become a voice for things that matter.

How to Get Started

Not sure how to get started?

A simple first step is sponsoring a nonprofit event (and/or donating goods or services to be auctioned at an event). Once you commit, help promote the event and the marketing opportunity to other would-be sponsors.

This isn’t self-congratulating, it’s helping that organization reach new and different audiences (and, softly, promotes your business’s commitment to the cause). 

Then, show up! Buy tickets and bring your team to the event, invite your best clients or customers, and now what could have been a simple networking opportunity is elevated to something much more meaningful.

Cause Marketing is Good for Your Bottom Line

Because business is more than the bottom line, use cause marketing to tell your brand story. Some may consider cause marketing “karma” or “paying it forward,” which we agree with, but we also know that engaging in cause marketing will positively impact your business.

We have seen time and again how our clients who authentically commit to the causes they care about build goodwill and strengthen their reputation in the community. Brands need exposure, and cause marketing gives you that exposure.


Get started with cause marketing today! If you need help, reach out to our team!

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