thanks“Thank you!”

It’s obvious, saying thanks to your customers/clients/patients. Or is it? Are you sure you are thanking those who support your business? In a retail setting, say a store or a restaurant, it’s common to hear a verbal “thanks for dining with us” or “thanks, please come again” from a cashier. But if you are not selling in those types of establishments, are you thanking your customers?

Here are my favorite 5 ways to show gratitude (in no particular order).

1. Call

For the sole purpose of expressing thanks, give him/her a ring. It doesn’t have to be long and awkward, and sure, you can turn it into a “how’s it going” conversation.

“I’m calling since I wanted you to hear directly that I really appreciate your business.”

2. Thank you Notes

Send a handwritten note. Yes, paper thank you cards still exist and I think they are amazing. How often do you get anything handwritten anymore? Exactly. It makes a statement.

3. Share

Share something relevant to the individual you are thanking, along with a note (email, sure) that you saw this and thought of them, and the timing was great because you have been wanting to say thanks ever since….

4. Send a gift

Small or big, a gift communicates that you value the person being thanked. While the monetary value of the gift itself is not a measure of how much you value the recipient, gifts should be follow reasonable social norms. You wouldn’t buy a Rolex watch for someone referring a soft lead; but if you net $2 million in revenue from someone’s referral, you might think about upping the value on that Starbucks gift card.

5. Smile and Tell Them

Express thanks, in person, the next time you see them. If you don’t interact fact-to-face with your clients, you might go so far as to ask them for coffee, where you can then say thanks in person.

There are many reasons to build gratitude into your business practice. I argue that it’s essential for business growth. If your customers are human, then you should know that humans love to be recognized. A little gratitude goes a long way. It builds a positive affinity for your brand/service and that can translate into customers becoming your best business advocate. In fact, every business needs positive word of mouth marketing, and showing gratitude is the next best thing to actually delivering the best product/service/results for your customer.

Bonus: Gratitude also makes YOU feel good, and feeling good easily translates to higher productivity, which is always a great thing in business!

For more ideas on expressing gratitude, in your business and every day life, get Jennifer Richwine’s fast reading book, With Gratitude, The Power of a Thank You Note.


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