manyhatsYour mission is clear to YOU, but is it clear to the WORLD?

In Millie’s Marvelous Hat (Satoshi Kitamura), the main character Millie is a young girl who imagines herself in many different hats throughout the story. A colorful peacock hat? Beautiful! A fountain hat at the park? Devine. Millie walks her way through this children’s book in fantastic hats whose purpose, design and style are crystal clear to her but invisible to the outside world.

Many business owners face a similar dilemma; they know exactly what they do but have a hard time (or not enough time?!) clearly expressing their mission to the world. And many small businesses have a harder time as they are stretched thin wearing the many different hats (invisible or not) that all entrepreneurs wear.

The end result can be lost opportunity and the BRAND falling through the cracks.

Don’t stress – with some thought and planning, you can use the magic of marketing to help your brand become visible to all. So how do you make your [company, product, passion] clear to the world through marketing? It’s pretty straightforward.

  • Create clear value statements. What makes you different from the competition? Why should someone choose you?
  • Develop messaging that communicates your value proposition to each of your targeted audience groups.
  • Identify ideal message channels (social media, print advertising, events, etc.) for YOUR business and use these channels to help spread your message.

And, as we always say, always have a strategic plan. You don’t get into your car without knowing where you are headed (OK, maybe you do now thanks to Waze but you know what I’m saying), and the same planning needs to take place before you hit send on your messages. Not sure how to get started? We know just the people to call. 😉

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