No matter what your business is, a bakery, dry cleaner, automobile repair or anything else, you have to do marketing in order to grow. Every business plan template includes a section on marketing. So even if you are an expert in whatever your business is selling, you have to know how to incorporate marketing into your already long to-do list as an entrepreneur.

Do you ever find yourself thinking : “I tried posting to Facebook but I didn’t get any sales.” or “We ran an ad in the local paper, I’m not sure anybody even saw it.”

Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and learn how to methodically, simply and effectively market your business.

Small cohort training

Well-funded businesses have the capacity to hire outside help from marketing firms like ours, or hiring internal expertise; while most entrepreneurs are bootstrapping their business, being chief cook and bottle washer along with being responsible for marketing.

Marketing doesn’t have to be scary, and you don’t need an MBA or a five figure marketing budget to create an effective marketing program that will grow your business. You do, however, need a plan. And you (or your trusted marketing firm) MUST implement said plan. To help busy entrepreneurs develop these plans and stop neglecting their marketing, we created a program of workshops combined with individual strategic consulting, our Marketing Academy for Entrepreneurs.

We know a few things about entrepreneurship and marketing:

  1. Entrepreneurs have passion, vision and a positivity that drives them to start a business.
  2. Entrepreneurs often start a business based on an expertise or professional experience, not because they are expert business people.
  3. Entrepreneurs are busy, juggling demanding competing priorities.
  4. Marketing often falls to the end of a business owners’ to-do list.
  5. Without a plan, entrepreneurs try to “do marketing” when time allows, but often fail to be consistent of know what if anything is working.

Our Academy gives business owners the tactical tools and a structured process to create their marketing plans. In addition to basic marketing principles and tactics, the Academy will help each participant target customers, create specific messaging and campaigns, and design a plan that fits their budget and time constraints.

Our small cohort approach allows participants to develop close relationships, and provides an accountability group atmosphere, which will result in participants having long-term business advocates.

This is not a marketing class where you will be lectured to; the Marketing Academy is presented in a workshop format, with each session offering tangible, usable tools for your specific business.

Over the course of six sessions and a private strategy meeting, you will learn how to differentiate YOUR business from your competitors; how to identify your target customer; and how to message your products or services to reach those customers.  We will dive into all the tactics that you can use immediately to market your business, including:

  • Social media
  • Digital advertising
  • Email marketing
  • SEO/Blogging
  • Events
  • Networking
  • Promotions

Stop wishing for marketing to come easier to you and make a commitment that will pay off immediately and in the long run for your business. The Marketing Academy for Entrepreneurs is forming a new cohort now! Workshops are held at our convenient Arlington, VA office.

Inquiry today about joining our next cohort:

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