In this inspiring episode of The M Word, Alex Trakas, founder of Bash Boxing, gets deeply personal about her business journey.

Alex’s entrepreneurial journey to create and expand Bash Boxing is rooted in her strong connection to dance and movement, and was greatly influenced by her father’s unwavering support and love before his death. Alex believes that a wellness renaissance is on the horizon, emphasizing art, creation, and human connection. Bash Boxing focuses on holistic well-being, blending movement with breath-work and meditation.

Our discussion takes a more profound and personal turn as Alex discusses her battles with depression and her sobriety. She emphasizes the connection between alcohol and mental health and advocates for openness about mental health struggles, even for entrepreneurs.

Alex discusses the many challenges of being a business owner, including the pressure to project an image of unshakeable success and the financial difficulties involved. She expresses gratitude for the supportive women in her life, who’ve helped her rediscover the importance of “play” and redefine it as a vital aspect of her life.

This podcast episode serves as a remarkable example of entrepreneurial resilience, self-discovery, and the pursuit of equilibrium between personal and professional life. Alex’s journey inspires us to embrace the reality of entrepreneurship and prioritize personal well-being while remaining authentic and open about our struggles.

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