On today’s episode of The M Word, we talk with fellow podcaster, mindset coach, health & wellness guru, and corporate trainer Cheryl Fisher about her journey from escaping a career rut to becoming a successful business owner.

Leaving a job to follow a passion and start a business is a daring step. Cheryl gets real about the challenges, the ups and downs, and the fear of rejection that takes over when starting the feat of building your own personal brand. She left the stability of a teaching job for the health and wellness industry, and her life took off… With some dips along the way.

As with most choices (and challenges!) in life, Cheryl’s venture led to a new inspiration – a podcast! Now, Cheryl’s combining her loves of teaching, speaking, and healthy lifestyles, and we talk about it all. 

Tune in to learn how taking that leap of faith to follow a passion can lead to a transformation you didn’t think possible. You may just leave inspired to take your own first step to something new. 


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