Episode 37 of the M Word features guest Jess Owens, the founder of GreenList, a peer-to-peer returns technology that is disrupting the retail industry. Jess talks about her journey from marketing agency (yes, our agency!) employee to CEO of her own startup.  

GreenList is aiming to reduce the environmental impact and e-commerce carbon footprint by matching returned items directly with other consumers instead of being sent back to warehouses to be processed or thrown out.

During our conversation, Jess shares the ups and downs of dealing with competitors, securing partnerships with retailers, and the constant fundraising necessary to launch a start-up; and how being a woman in a predominantly male-dominated field came with its own set of challenges that she had to overcome.

With the evolving landscape of returns in e-commerce and the increasing demands of consumers for sustainable and innovative solutions, Greenlist and similar organizations are moving in the right direction. We are proud of Jess for having the courage, vision, and perseverance to turn an idea into a business. Her story is brave and inspiring to all that have similar dreams.

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