COVID has limited all in person meetings for the foreseeable future. While the future may be unclear as to where we are headed, the best you can do as a marketer or business owner is plan. It’s no question that you should continue marketing during this time but you will need to change your messaging and your strategy. Here are some actions you can take to move your marketing strategy completely online.

Replace Off Screen Advertising with a Strong Digital Strategy

Reconsider buying that media spot on the metro or city bus. With fewer people traveling that means less eyes on your advertisement. Consider going digital for the meantime. One of the benefits of going digital is that you are going to have an easier time tracking the performance with KPIs and therefore know where you are getting the bang for your buck. 

  • Social Media Strategy 

If your business has been lax about their social media presence, now is the time to amp it up. Now more than ever (sick of that phrase yet?), this is going to be your first line of connection and messaging to your consumer. The reason social is so powerful and popular is because everyone is already on there, and as our CEO and founder will tell us, you need to go to where your consumer already is. You can give advice over Facebook Live and book appointments or classes via Zoom. If you haven’t already, start collecting emails now so you can find a way to reach your audience directly in their inbox. 

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  • Social Media + Google Ads

Putting even a few dollars behind your digital efforts will pay off. Facebook’s cost per results are significantly lower due to many businesses taking budget cuts. Digital ads can drive traffic to your website that may have originally been foot traffic. Keep in mind that social media ads and Google ads are quite different. Google ads are going to cost more but will drive people to your website to take action. Social media ads are going to help to build brand awareness and perhaps start a relationship with a prospective client. If your budget is low, start with social media ads and start blogging. Blogging will help increase your SEO (search engine optimization). If you have the means to do both social and Google ads, now is a great time. 

  • SEO

If you are a retailer it is very important that you make sure your website is optimized during this time. Search demand and behavior have skyrocketed since consumers are spending more time at home and on their computers. Keep your site optimized with targeted keywords and using on point page titles, H1 headers and meta descriptions. Update your blog content and Google my Businesses account. If you’re savvy these efforts can take time but it is also free.

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  • Revising the In-Person Experience

Your business information is more valuable online than in person. Updating your hours and COVID safety practices on Google My Business is going to get more views than hanging up a sign at your shop. Make sure you are doing both!

Communities and stores are well on their way into figuring out ways to safely serve their patrons while keeping their employees safe. While regulations may allow more relaxed operating rules, you may find that not all your customers are ready to return in the same manner.  You may also find that your customers return, but their habits are different. They may be spending less time (or no time) in your store or they might be interacting more with a website or salesperson over the phone.

Customers are not spending as much time inside establishments right now. It is your job, as the business owner, to upsell! They don’t know what they need unless you tell them! Orders are happening over the phone or online so give them ideas on how to make their purchase better! Here are a few ideas:

  • As a local restaurant you may better serve your patrons by offering contactless delivery or curbside pickup. Tell them about your drink specials that you can also package to go! 
  • Offer other products with the original order. For example: “would you like candles for this birthday cake?” Can we wrap this for you? 
  • If someone is ordering a backpack or sleeping bag, make sure they know about the sweatshirts that are currently half off! 

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