COVID has limited all in person meetings for the foreseeable future. While the future may be unclear as to where we are headed, the best you can do as a marketer or business owner is plan. It’s no question that you should continue marketing during this time but you will need to change your messaging and your strategy. Here are some actions you can take to move your marketing strategy completely online.

How to Pivot from In-Person Workshops to Virtual Webinars

It is not uncommon for some businesses to receive a lot of leads from participating in talks or workshops. Since we cannot do in person events at this time, this means leads may have dried up for some people. An easy way to pivot is to offer this same service online in the form of some mediums such as webinars, podcasts, or Facebook / Instagram live. 

If done properly your webinar content can become evergreen marketing material for many upcoming quarters. Reach out to a peer or influencer in your industry and ask if they’d be interested in collaborating on a project, or perhaps schedule a guest appearance on their podcast, blog, etc to gain exposure to their networks. 

It is important to remember that metrics for success for in-person events are going to look different than virtual events. Evaluate what this may look like for your business: numbers of attendees, how long they stayed, shares, downloads, etc. You can read our previous posts on Zooming in Style and 7 Tips to a Successful Virtual Event.  

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