COVID has limited all in person meetings for the foreseeable future. While the future may be unclear as to where we are headed, the best you can do as a marketer or business owner is plan. It’s no question that you should continue marketing during this time but you will need to change your messaging and your strategy. Here are some actions you can take to move your marketing strategy completely online.

Replacing In-Person Events with Virtual Events for B2B

Everything from networking groups to fundraising events are being held online. With the right planning, and a bit of creativity, you can replicate your event. Not only can this be affordable but it can be viable by allowing businesses to reach new audiences and customers.

If you are a B2B business you may find suddenly that your calendar has a lot of availability and your marketing plan may be looking slim. For those who rely on events such as trade shows and conferences to reach your clientele there is no doubt that 2020 has been a rough year for you. This is an opportunity to get creative with marketing ideas and doubling down on platforms where you already have a presence and maybe trying out some new ones.

When our home construction client got the news that all upcoming Home Shows are cancelled, they decided to organize their own speaking series with other professionals in the industry on Facebook Live. This was a great opportunity to reach a new audience and educate them on various subjects.

Many events have moved to virtual meetups. Salesforce generated 80,000 attendees & 1M video views to the Digital Sydney World Tour when they originally were anticipating 10,000 guests live in San Francisco.

If you had an event that was cancelled, consider working with the host and sponsors to convert the in-person event to a virtual event. Everyone can agree to pre-record their talks and combine them into one session, or you could plan a series of webinars, spread out over multiple days, similar to how the original event was planned. Contact speakers, influencers and non-competitive sponsors to request a collaboration. There are numerous tools available to facilitate webinars including Zoom, Go to Webinar, Webex,, and Skype. To learn more about pivoting your in-person event to digital stay tuned for our next in this series! And if you don’t want to wait, send us a message.

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