COVID has limited all in person meetings for the foreseeable future. While the future may be unclear as to where we are headed, the best you can do as a marketer or business owner is plan. It’s no question that you should continue marketing during this time but you will need to change your messaging and your strategy. Here are some actions you can take to move your marketing strategy completely online.

Replacing In-Person Events with Virtual Events for Nonprofits: 

There is no reason to cancel your 5K, fun walk, or gala event when you can turn your fundraiser into a virtual celebration. And here is some good news: a virtual fundraiser does not have as many logistics as an in-person event. Consider some of the benefits such as:

  • Lower Overhead: you can allocate a portion of the budget somewhere else.
  • If this event was planned prior to social distancing, half of your planning is already done. You just need to pivot to a virtual setting and cross off what you don’t need. 
  • Virtually, there are no limits to your reach and can result in more viewers and therefore more donations. 

Planning a virtual event is not like planning an in person one. You don’t need to pay for catering and you don’t need to set up 200+ chairs and tables. There are user friendly online tools that can help you broadcast your event such as Zoom. You really just need to focus on establishing your goals, promoting your event, and creating a structure to your event. 

There are many possibilities for your virtual fundraising event, including:

  • A live-streamed speech and program
  • A video conference presentation with questions and answers
  • A video conference trivia game or challenge
  • A virtual run or walk, where participants track their solo miles and minutes while raising funds like a traditional walk-a-thon (they can even stream their walk to inspire others)

Our education clients successfully transitioned their annual fundraising event virtually by keeping the core messaging, promoting their event, and keeping the event to under an hour. Bridges to Independence is doing Virtual Trivia Nights for fundraising to replace their annual kickball tournament. 

The key to engaging your viewers and encouraging donations is to tell your story. Remind them about your mission and why it is so vital to your community. 

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