Arlington Strategy Presents: ZOOM* Bingo

Stuck on endless ZOOM or GoToMeeting calls? Stay engaged on your next video meeting with our fun ZOOM Bingo!

Like most of the world, our team has been on nonstop Zoom video conference calls for the last couple of weeks. While we can’t do anything about staying home (our local Arlington community gets an A on social distancing scoreboards), we CAN help make your next ZOOM video call a little more entertaining.

Step 1: Make sure everyone on your call has a Zoom bingo card ready to go.

Step 2: Pay attention and mark off your squares.

Step 3: Yell BINGO (make sure to unmute first) when you get 5 in a row 🙂

*Arlington Strategy is not affiliated with Zoom in any way other than being a happy Zoom customer.


We sent out ZOOM BINGO to our newsletter subscribers and they are loving it! If you want a BINGO card, just enter your e-mail below for a link to the download. Send it to all your colleagues and friends to play at your next virtual meeting. The first one to win gets a virtual elbow fist bump.

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