Meet Jennifer! Founder and CEO of Arlington Strategy 










What were you doing before Arlington Strategy?

My career path was not conventional! After graduate school, I spent three years in the Federal Government – in legislative affairs for the Department of Labor. From there, I helped to start and grow a bi-partisan nonprofit organization working to make our judicial system fair and impartial. After starting a family, I transitioned into marketing, working as the marketing director for a start-up packaged food company. In each of these roles, I was flexing my communication, collaboration and branding skills. 

Why did you start Arlington Strategy? 

I wanted to create a company where I could focus on helping people. My diverse background in public and nonprofit service gave me a unique perspective that I wanted to use to help business and nonprofits connect and thrive. 

At its core, Arlington Strategy is about connecting people to the community. For our business clients, this can mean creating cause marketing programs, networking through meaningful volunteerism, and promotion through sponsorships. For nonprofit clients, we help them solidify their brand messaging to reach a broader audience. We also deliver a lot of training to start up entrepreneurs, helping them understand how to approach marketing no matter their stage of growth.

Where do you want Arlington Strategy to be in the future?

I’ve always joked that we can open offices in Arlington, MA, Arlington, IL and Arlington, TX. 🙂  I truly love our local Arlington, VA community and feel that we are so lucky to build a business here. Our team is executing a robust and exciting plan to grow Arlington Strategy.  Ultimately, we strive to have the capacity to provide full-service brand management and marketing services to larger clients while maintaining services that provide support to nonprofit organizations and smaller start-ups. We continue to be very focused on expanding our public sector services. Having come from a public service background, I would love to create larger community safety and education campaigns throughout the DMV.

Jennifer would love to connect with you. Send her a message on LinkedIn and say hello!

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