In this episode of The M Word, hosts Jennifer Mulchandani and Heather Myklegard engage in an unfiltered conversation with Jennifer Lemmert, a seasoned corporate communications and marketing executive who transitioned to running her own solo consulting firm specializing in employee engagement and branding. 

She partners with leaders to articulate their company vision and mission, fostering better connections with employees for long-term satisfaction. Despite her successful entrepreneurial venture, Lemmert reveals that she never considered herself an entrepreneurial spirit. Her journey into entrepreneurship was prompted by life changes, including marriage and having kids, which led her to reassess her career goals.

Lemmert’s transition to entrepreneurship was accelerated when she was laid off in March 2020. She decided to set up her own consulting business, focusing on an area she felt confident and passionate about. Despite initial uncertainty, the pandemic-induced furlough served as a catalyst for her to fully commit to her consulting venture.

The conversation delves into the challenges of learning how to start a consulting practice, achieving work-life balance, and redefining success. Lemmert emphasizes the importance of finding a schedule that works for her and her family while maintaining a voice as an entrepreneur to stand up for work-life balance.

Discussing her approach to measuring success, Lemmert describes herself as a “bad business owner” for not setting specific revenue goals. Instead, she defines success by having fun, working with people she likes, making money, and engaging in meaningful work. She acknowledges the value of learning about her own capabilities and being more strategic than she initially thought.

Lemmert shares insights into the early stages of her business, discussing the challenges of pricing and the importance of networking. Jennifer talks about another of her ventures, Galpal, a Slack-based network for female entrepreneurs. The community provides a supportive space for women to share experiences, seek advice, and build connections.

The conversation concludes with Lemmert expressing her contentment with the entrepreneurial journey, stating that she would not willingly return to a traditional corporate role. She draws inspiration from the community of women entrepreneurs who constantly motivate and energize her.

Listeners are left with a genuine and relatable account of Lemmert’s entrepreneurial journey, filled with valuable lessons, candid insights, and a sense of empowerment. The episode encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace their unique paths, redefine success on their terms, and seek support within a like-minded community.

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