In the final episode of The M Word podcast’s third season, hosts Jennifer Mulchandani and Heather Myklegard reflect on their journey over the past three years. the hosts discuss the evolution of their podcasting experience, from the early scripted questions to the more organic and unscripted conversations with guests that this season reflects. 

Hosting a podcast is no easy feat, and we are grateful for the support of sound engineer, Ben, and the efficiency of the Zoom platform in recording high-quality audio. Our hosts reminisce about the challenges and advantages of remote interviews versus in-person meetings, emphasizing the importance of human interaction in creating a genuine connection.  Each season brought to light new perspectives, ideas, and discussion. With a focus on female guests in season three, they discuss how this choice led to uniquely candid and empowering conversations.

Announcing her departure from the podcast, Heather reflects on her entrepreneurial journey and  her excitement for the future.  Heather reflects on her entrepreneurial journey, drawing parallels between podcasting and her experiences as a river guide, emphasizing the mix of fear and joy. In her farewell message, Heather thanks the listeners for their support over the seasons and expresses confidence in Jennifer’s ability to carry the podcast forward while she is gearing up to concentrate on her consulting business in 2024.  

Despite the bittersweet farewell, both hosts express excitement about the future, with Jennifer taking the reins as the sole host going forward. Be on the lookout for season four of the M Word and more uncensored conversations on marketing, business, and life.

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