“If you’re not going to be afraid, the sky’s the limit.”

From British morning show television producer to Northern Virginia-based production company entrepreneur, meet Helen Saks. Helen Saks is the CEO and Creative Director of Striking Media, a production company that creates visual content for corporate clients, non-profits, and schools. In this episode of The M Word, Jennifer and Helen discuss ambition, their shared commitment to using business for good, the journey to becoming a business owner, the joys of working with nonprofits, and the importance of telling stories. 

Striking Media was born out of the pandemic, inspired by the events going on in the world and the “need for people to communicate and tell their story when they couldn’t get in front of [others].”  Despite the challenges, Helen’s vision has become a reality beyond her expectations.

Talking about success, Helen emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity, both in the projects undertaken and the clients served. The company’s portfolio showcases a range of narratives crafted with finesse and creativity, from collaborating with non-profits to embarking on executive trips to exotic destinations like Cancun and Punta. 

Jennifer and Helen discuss using communication tactics to encourage growth. Utilizing stories, Striking Media has provided a platform for unvoiced stories to be shared and heard.  Her interviews are always built on trust, and she emphasizes these values through her interviewees, telling them that “this is your story and we will only tell it in a way that makes you comfortable.”

Reflecting upon her experiences in live TV production, Helen shares how she navigates the pressures of the industry and how her team thrives on the adrenaline of pushing boundaries and delivering excellence, whether producing content in real-time for clients or orchestrating green screen projects for major events like the Olympics.

Throughout the conversation, Helen expresses gratitude for Striking Media’s growth.  While unexpected, it has become a fulfilling experience for her and her team continues to work hard to produce great content for their clients.

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One thought on “Episode 45: Helen Saks

  1. What a wonderful interview with a wonderful person.
    Helen is so sincere and professional.
    I really appreciated this podcast.

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